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Thank you all for the positive feedback to last Friday’s blog! We’re starting to get excited about this new phase, although, admittedly, a bit anxious too. Animation is a lot of work, and we have no idea how long it

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Are you an air traffic controller?

I guess a real air traffic controller, who already had to deal with Chuck, would burst into laughter by the time Chuck claims he’d do anything he or she tells him to do. But other than that, that was probably

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My friends call me Chuck

Evers since I settled down, I developed this tendency to buy stuff in bulk. Mostly things that don’t turn bad, like noodles or toothpaste. It’s a satisfying feeling to stuff away your groceries and think to yourself “well, that pickles

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Talking about the weather

The weather is an almost inexhaustible subject for conversation. What it’s like today, what it was like yesterday, how it’s supposed to be tomorrow, how we wish it would be like, how it was around this time last year, how

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