Line up and wait

Who in the coop still remembers the instruction “Position and Hold”?

I might be dating myself here, but I keep running into more and more pilots every year, who have never heard ye ‘ole phrase. I can’t remember exactly when they got rid of it, but it has been at least 10 years. 2010 maybe?

I think they changed it in an effort to remove any ambiguity with similar phrases about holding at positions and hold lines as one of the many efforts to curb runway incursions. But they still use “traffic holding in position” to advise other aircraft that traffic has been authorized to “Line Up and Wait” on an active runway to this day.

Anywhooooo… The line here for the beautiful mysterious chick seems to be pretty long. It reminds me of taking off from Sea-Tac (some of the longest lines I’ve seen in the airline world). I doubt Chuck has a chance.


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4 comments on “Line up and wait
  1. J Segal says:

    I don’t know about that, I still hear ‘Position and Hold’ on frequency on rare occasions.

    I think Chuck actually does have a chance here, and a good one at that. The chick is apparently interested in stories, and if there’s one thing every pilot is good at, that’s it. *Truthful* stories, on the other hand…so by being at the end of the line, he’ll have the chance to top them all, and I for one would like to hear what he comes up with!

    • Franck Mée says:

      Plus, Chuck has both truthful and frightening stories, more than any other pilot. 😀

  2. Ryan Leeward says:

    Oh, I remember when they changed that! I was still a student pilot then though.

  3. John Faulkner says:

    In the UK, they introduced “line up and hold”. After a couple of instances when pilots chose to hear “line up and ROLL” the phrase got changed pretty quickly!

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