Aviation photography

Flying formation is definitely not as easy as it looks. Actually, it doesn’t even look all that easy, does it?
I really need to trust the other person for me to even attempt such a thing. And even with that being said and practiced, I have still come close to hurting myself on multiple occasions in the helicopter business by doing certain aerial filming. Getting that perfect shot and getting to mission driven can really in trouble. Done safely and with practice, it is pretty fun though!

I probably wouldn’t trust Chuck enough to fly formation with him. Would you guys trust Nobu from “Dundat and Bind Air” to finish Chuck’s job ?


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2 comments on “Aviation photography
  1. Harro says:

    Hi there,
    nice strip.
    I haven‘t done any formation flying – yet! I would love to, though. I read a lot of articles and documents about it, but, as Mike put it, one needs somebody to trust and a lot of practice. So, the narrow confines of the german airspace and the lack of someone to fly with it will be some time before I can do that. I heard a formation takeoff at Hamburg airport on the radio, but unfortunately didn‘t see it. I was doing a scenic flight in the same airspace but flying in the opposite direction.
    Have a nice day
    Harro, 😎🛩

  2. Jon says:

    I would go for Alex. She is a glider pilot, and as such, she probably have quite a bit of experience in how to position a plane properly in regard to another plane from doing aerotows. By the way, what kind of smuggler plane is it that they are photoshooting since it flies without “licence plates”? …and are those not usually trying to fly without anyone knowing they are there?

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