Drink responsibly

Ok, guys! Disclaimer! Remember what we do here is a comic strip with chickens. By no means do we condone drinking and flying. And I am pretty sure Julio was only kidding. I haven’t flown gliders here in the States, but I am pretty sure they fall under FAR 91.17(a) counting as “civil aircraft”. Please drink responsibly. Some airlines and operators might even have a stricter limit than the 8hr limit the FAA cites under FAR 91.17(a)(1).

But speaking of jokes about flying and drinking responsibly, you can read the entire FAR 91.17 on our bottle opener, available in our US shop!


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5 comments on “Drink responsibly
  1. ThisGuy says:

    Glider pilots are WAY cooler than engine/power pilots. We don’t need a honking great money to noise converter powering a fan to keep us cool. Just turn it off to see how hard a power pilot starts sweating without the cooling 😉

  2. Robert Horton says:

    Acting responsibly? Who is this guy and where is the REAL Chuck?

    Any idea when the Julio Hats will be back in stock?

  3. Not J Segal says:

    Wait a minute, isn’t it 8 bottles to throttle? Not 8 hours, mind you – I mean, isn’t the requirement to have 8 bottles before using the throttle?

    [Note on the blurb – yep, gliders are not exempt from the alcohol rules, nor are balloonists. What they are exempt from (at the time of this posting) are most of the medical certificate requirements, except under certain specific circumstances. And some operators are stricter, yes; it’s a long discussion, but the shorthand is that it’s specific to the operator. In either case, drinking and flying don’t go well together. Drinking and chicken, on the other hand…]

  4. Thomas says:

    I once heard someone say that his drinking club has a glider flying problem.

    I also remember my first day as a glider student (after earning my TMG license). We had a party the night before as the weather was forecast to be too bad to fly. Next morning the weather was much better than expected and I was the only student sober enough to fly. After finding an instructor with a similar state I practised winch launches all day.

    I can easily see where the cliché about glider pilots and drinking might come from.

  5. L says:

    “8 hours bottle to throttle”. Yup, very well known FAA regulation. I have never broken it. We have a fridge in the hangar and it is stocked with beer cans only. Regulation crisis averted.

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