Fuel prices

Do the newer DA-20’s or Cirrus SR-22 make fuel burn calculations?

I must admit, I have no idea but I am curious.

We often play around with the math in the Embraer to see what uses more gas, stay high and then basically idle all the way down, versus a sooner, more gradual descent for example. We can program all that in the computer and the plane will come up with a calculation on the remaining fuel upon landing. The results are often quite surprising to me. On long descents, the conditions like wind and temperature can change quite a bit.

We do it mostly as a contest to see who is better at calculating the more efficient burn, of course. The Embraer actually does quite well in calculating the most efficient cruise speed without my help. In fact, she probably does better without me “helping”. Most Cessna 172’s I have flown however, do not calculate much, lol.

And we usually don’t shut the engines off on descent just to save gas.


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9 comments on “Fuel prices
  1. READER says:

    Wow, Chuck is doing preflight checks?

    • mike says:

      He’s doing a run-up, at least. I’m certain, that’s already a win for Julio. Not sure he did a preflight check, LOL.

  2. Tampa says:

    Wasn’t it made quasi-illegal to incentivize or mandate fuel-related restrictions or policies onto pilots, because that has caused accidents before? Lucky the FAA guy didn’t hear this conversation

    • mike says:

      When has something being quasi-illegal ever stopped Hans from trying to save money?

      In the real world, we definitely consider it, but not if it is compromising safety. And I’ve never had a complaint. Even when working for some of the more shady operators. Then again, there is “shady” and then there is “Roost-Air”
      “Mostly Reliable Charter Service”

  3. JPKalishek says:

    What? I’ve seen Cessna’s with an Abacus!

  4. ... says:

    Hello! Four days ago I’d never heard of your comic, and now I’ve read all of the ones on the Web site. How many that aren’t on the site are in the books?

    • mike says:

      Hello back!
      We don’t exactly keep track, but the books definitely have more content. They include Moments in Aviation History, background stories, single panel cartoons, and have short series in some of them that don’t make sense posting on line because they’d be too long…

    • stef says:

      Hi! Glad you enjoyed our comics! 🙂

      I can’t give you an exact number, but there’s a big overlap. Some strips (mainly the newer ones) are only on our website and some are only in the books (mainly the older ones). I’d say you’ve probably read about 80% of our strips if you’ve gone through the whole website. Cheers!

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