How dare you question the captain?

Since there’s a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo in this strip, and my brother is out flying, let me give quick attempt at explaining some of the jargon for those who are even more a layperson than myself.

A zero-zero takeoff basically means the visual conditions are so bad, that you can’t even see the end of the runway during takeoff.

ATIS stands for “Automatic terminal information service” and is sort of a message that is broadcast on repeat and includes all the relevant information regarding weather, active runways, NOTAMS, etc. at a certain area.

Autopilot – I hope you get this one.

Day VFR – stands for “Visual Flight Rules“, and basically means the conditions are good enough for visual flight (no fog or clouds).


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One comment on “How dare you question the captain?
  1. Leeloo says:

    I thought zero-zero meant someone pulled the yellow handle while the plane is parked.

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