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Sales pitch

Some people are born salesmen. I know one guy who sold everything, from heavy machinery over fertilizer, plastics to whatever, without ever having more than a cursory understanding of the technology behind it. He’s just a very likable guy who

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I’m not your slave

I guess this strip would work with many, many other professions as well. My brief brushes with employment gave me enough insight to appreciate my state of self-employment. I’d be lying if I said I enjoy it every day though.

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Specialist literature

I’m not sure if Hans really needs to read up on the use of the word “no”. Maybe pertaining to subject of cream cake. But maybe the chapter in the technical literature he is consulting is more about how to

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Personally, I don’t think Hans has stumbled across some big secret here. I mean it’s obvious that this management strategy is already applied liberally all across various industries all across the world. I mean, I am a single, self-employed artist

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