Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Well, if this were universally true, I know some people who would be very fast. I also wonder how you would write this down as a mathematical formula and if the output speed would go to infinity, because of a division by an input speed of zero. But, alas, I’m not a mathematician. I just know that for some people live close to a state of stasis and still cruise through life. It’s a viable strategy apparently, because at some point the people around you will become so frustrated that they do stuff for you, just to get things done, or stop bothering you.

Jokes aside, I sure should sometimes heed this sage advice myself. Especially in all my handyman-projects around the house and garden, I tend to err on the side of speed too often, which ends up costing me more time in the end. This ties in with the wisdom of “measure twice, cut once”. Ah well, it’s one thing to be wise and smart, it’s a whole different thing to be wise and smart in the moment, haha!


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4 comments on “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
  1. Heather Brennan says:

    Deep! 🤔

  2. Robert Horton says:

    Why not Tweet this?!

  3. George says:


  4. JL says:

    there is an old spanish saying: “dress me slowly cause im in a hurry”

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