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Chuck taking a fuel sample

Ah, the great wisdoms one can impart on little kids! Sometimes it makes you feel smart, because you know so much more about the world, but more often than not they can bring you to the point of despair and

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Fuel sampling

Avgas and Jet Fuel sure are some nasty chemicals. At least Avgas dries on you very quickly (as the toxic lead gets absorbed into your body most likely) but Jet Fuel stays with you for a long time. I hate

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Avgas barrels

We couldn’t resist to have Chuck need even more clarification on the subject. But, hey! It’s for aviation safety! I hope all of you have learned a little something with the last two strips. I am sure you all have

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Good decisions while flying

“Pilots with lots of gas make good decisions!” As a pilot and flight instructor I really like that phrase, and it was actually only last summer that I heard it for the first time. The other captain I flew with

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