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Happy Halloween, everybody! Wherever you are, I hope the weather is fine, the tricks are harmless and the treats are delicious! As for today’s comic strip: We take full responsibility! 🙂 Stef

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Sorry folks, I’m a day late again with the comic. Yesterday I didn’t even forget, but I was just so swamped and my to-do-list was so full with un-postponable items that I simply ran out of time. At least I …

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Do the newer DA-20’s or Cirrus SR-22 make fuel burn calculations? I must admit, I have no idea but I am curious. We often play around with the math in the Embraer to see what uses more gas, stay high …

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Poor Chuck. He actually tried to do everything right and still didn’t win. Attention to detail is quite important in aviation, and Chuck only missed one this time. Sometimes, missing that one detail might be the one that “gets you”. …

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