Fueling in a hurry

Sorry folks, I’m a day late again with the comic. Yesterday I didn’t even forget, but I was just so swamped and my to-do-list was so full with un-postponable items that I simply ran out of time. At least I didn’t have to fuel my car yesterday, or I might have pulled a stunt like Chuck here. But I guess it’s harder to do when fueling a car, where you’re standing right next to the pump and everything is in reach. Although we’ve all seen images or videos of people driving off with the nozzle still in the fuel tank opening.


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5 comments on “Fueling in a hurry
  1. Klaas says:

    Been there, done that.
    Guy at the gas station told me it happens about once a month.
    €2000 damage to the car, though.

  2. Fbs says:

    Bad point for julio. Fuel caps on c172 have a chain to remain attached to the wing and make a noise if they ever come loose. You can’t see the fuel caps from the inside and low pressure on the wing may suck the tank empty without the cap. So that was the solution designed by cessna to cope with the situation. Except if the mechanic doesn’t care about the chain….

  3. rwill says:

    I’ve never left the cap off the C-172, but I have left it off my pickup before. It was a step-side box, so it had a nice little step to set the cap on, and easy to not sew sitting there. Luckily I saw it in the mirror rolling across the road as I pulled out of the gas station, so I stopped and ran to get it. Even better now my car has a capless fuel tank.

  4. J Segal says:

    I guess the hurry also explains why the grounding wire and wheel are missing from the truck, and look almost like someone ripped them out. (True story – almost saw that happen one time. Fortunately, the pilot realized it as soon as he started rolling and stopped a few feet later, before any non-pride related damage could occur.)

    In any event, no, he doesn’t need to come back. Just isolate the tank and fly on the other one! Adapt and overcome, right?


  5. Mo Davies says:

    A pilot of our sindicated Rans Coyote always put the filler cap on the wing strut junction, and lost it on the grass airfield several times. My wife, also a pilot, pointed out to him that she always put it on the Pilots’ seat, making it hard to forget it.
    Trust a womam to come up with a boringly sensible fix.

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