Chuck approaching

In the age of omnipresent cameras, where we’re surrounded by building surveillance, dash cams, body cams and of course most importantly a mobile phone in everybody’s pocket, it’s a very high probability that whenever you do something stupid, it’s going to be recorded. And the worse you mess up, the more likely it’s going to get published and even go viral. I wasn’t a very unruly kid or teenager, but still, I’m glad I grew up where most of our shenanigans weren’t recorded and saved for all eternity.

It feels like we’re still in the early stages, where we, as mankind, have to come to terms with the new reality, just like after the invention of the printing press. My optimistic theory of this development is that, as more and more of this stuff gets published, we’ll reach a point where everybody has been embarrassed enough for it to cancel out. But we’ll see!


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5 comments on “Chuck approaching
  1. someone says:

    I don’t think they would use a phone for this. With chuck an stationary camera with high resolution pays for itself in no time(im thinking of these cameras with an motor to move the angle).

    • Fbs says:

      Maybe Hans should consider install a gopro on board too….

      The good thing with cameras is that they do a lot to prevent mishaps…

  2. Aaron Marshall says:

    And yet, the only time I’ve wanted video evidence of a groundloop for investigation (at an airshow no less) there wasn’t a camera on the action…

  3. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Chuck’s failure to lower the flaps supports hope for “nice” pictures.

  4. JL says:

    Yesterday i saw the video of that plane that overran the runway and hit a car beyond (fortunatelly not injuries)… and there was not one.. but 2 videos of the incident.. there was at least 2 people recording what otherwise would be a normal GA landing

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