Nitrous Oxide System

Friends of my brother had a dog called NOS. Boy, did that fellow live up to his name! I have never seen a more hyper and excited dog in my life. It was all positive energy though. Although there is no connection between the two, I like to think that Chuck is a bundle of positive energy too. Sure, he can be reckless, megalomaniacal and kind of a dork, but sure has an enviably enthusiastic and optimistic approach to life. I sure would like to take a few pages out of Chuck’s book. But, come to think of it, it’s the other way around: I put pages in his book, haha!


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5 comments on “Nitrous Oxide System
  1. JL says:

    120 k-nots?

    laughs in TB09 doing 90ish

  2. Keith says:

    (Sips from coffee mug full of MW50) that ain’t the only adjunct for more power youngun.

  3. Fbs says:

    120kt ? That’s the speed only achieved by the last 180hp versions
    I didn’t figure out hans would spend the money asked for a brand new 172….

    • Franck Mée says:

      That’s when you follow the manual and power back to 2450 tr/min immediately after initial climb. But does Chucks do that? How do you know he doesn’t make his own set of rules when it comes to engine management? I’m pretty sure if someones decides an IO-360 can cruise at 2700 tr/min, that would be Chuck.

      (Might actually be an idea for the next strip:
      Julio: 120 kt? She’s not supposed to go past 110 at max continuous power!
      Chuck: You know, the guys at Lycoming actually take a safety margin, they test their engines at 2800 tr/min on the bench, so I set it for a sweet 2700 tr/min in cruise.)

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