Check your six

Today’s strip reminds me of the first time I was pulled over by police. I was driving on an open road, when they lit up their lights behind me. I thought, oh, I’ll just slow down a bit and let them pass. After a while I thought, hey, there’s no oncoming traffic! Why don’t they just take over and go where they need to go? Oh to be that young and innocent again! Then slowly it dawned on me … Still, I had no idea why they wanted to pull ME over, because I wasn’t aware of doing anything wrong. It turned out that my girlfriend in the passenger seat hadn’t put on her seatbelt and fortunately we got away with a stern talking-to.

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2 comments on “Check your six
  1. Ed says:

    I love how, even with an F-16 up his tail feathers, he STILL manages to turn the wrong way!

  2. TG McCoy says:

    One time I was working a fire in Az. (DC-7 co-pilot) we were in the middle of a MOA
    as was the fire. We were alerted that there was a B-1 operating in in the area. I looked down at our Three, and here was the B-1 on a run down a canyon. “Tanker 62. this is Center, you see the B-1 moving your Three to Six o’clock?”” affimative.” We continued to the fire. Going back to Phoenix,Center called “Tanker 62 -Windrider
    Seven (The B-1) Says “good hunting.” to you guys-who fly lower than they do.”
    We were humbled.

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