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Welding an engine stand

Welding is one of those skills, I wish I could use more often. And with “more often” I mean at all. I learned different welding techniques in school, and it was really fun! But, due to a lack of opportunity,

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Engine running

At Aero last month, electrical flight was one of the big topics. They even had an airshow with an electric aerobatics plane! I’m curious to see how things will develop from here and if we’ll ever see electrical systems replacing

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Let me start out with wishing all of you a HAPPY 2017! Turning over a new leaf is always exciting! May 2017 bring you great times and adventures! I’ve been very busy in the last couple of days so I

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Smooth engine

Whoa! It’s Tuesday! I totally lost my track of time the last few days and just discovered that I should upload a comic strip for you guys today! The last week was a bit chaotic. First I was sick, with

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