Emergency scenarios

Very often, when things start to go wrong, one problem leads to another and all of a sudden, you are faced with a multitude of issues. That’s probably the most realistic part about Chuck’s emergency scenario. The rest … well, maybe some of you have run into similar scenarios during a checkride? Or maybe even in real life? In which case, I hope you snatched a picture of the metal eating mega spider!


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3 comments on “Emergency scenarios
  1. Fbs says:

    Well, this collides with the twin comanche that just crashed in Paris suburbs ….as far as we know it, both engines suddently quit. Unlikely but happened. An also very unlikely one : I had recently a partial failure of the pitot (and thus airspeed indication) short after take off, as a fly went crashing itself exactly at the end of the pitot tube, and stayed here even after 2 hours of flight. I’ve got stunning pictures of it when I finally landed
    Key takeaway, in aviation, even the most unlikely things eventually happens

  2. Frank E Merrill says:

    As Merlin said to Maverick “If you fly long enough, this stuff will happen”

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