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Broken autopilot

Sorry, I can’t think of anything fitting the subject to write. Last week, my wife and I looked at each other and both said “I can’t believe how lucky we are that none of us got seriously sick this winter,

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Whoops! It’s Thursday already! Sorry for totally missing to upload Tuesday’s strip! What can I say, Christmas has been a mix of holiday busyness and sickness. Half the family and half the kids have some sort of cold. Me included,

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Whiskey compass

Have you ever lost power to all of your electronic instruments? I think we’ve been over this before but in my job we have become so dependent on the iPad that it is a minor disaster if it fails. How

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Why is the GPS turned off?

Flying and working on the Coast of Southern California we used to joke about how easy navigating was around here. Mountains to the right and water to the left, you’re going north. Water to the right and mountains to the

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