I’ve got this

The phrase “Don’t worry!” and “I’ve got this!” used to make me cringe back when I was a mechanic at the flight school where Chicken Wings was invented, especially if used in the same breath. Students who have spent all of 5 weeks in aviation at the time sometimes, for no apparent reason, thought they knew what they were doing. And until I learned my own lessons, I let them! It usually revolved around pushing an airplane or cleaning the windshields but I was always amazed how quickly a person who didn’t grow up around aviation like I did can mess up simple things aviation minded folks see as common sense, if he or she wasn’t trained properly from the very beginning.

Working in the shop on customer aircraft I have also seen all kinds of home-made devices to “mount” certain things in the aircraft, especially in the beginning of handheld GPS’s and GoPros. As you “grow up” in this industry, you eventually learn what is legal and what is not so much.
Or, you can ignore the books like Chuck always does and just do what you think is right. In that case, duct tape is always your friend 😉

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One comment on “I’ve got this
  1. Joshua says:

    We had an old rag wing enter our flight line with the fabric on the wings shot. We stripped the fabric and found that instead of the anti-chafe tape high speed duct tape had been substituted. It raised a few eyebrows.

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