Australia is different

It seems like the whole East Coast of Australia is on fire at the moment from south of Sydney all the way north of Brisbane. I wish my colleagues from Down-Under all the best and hope they stay safe. Personally, I am thankful for a little break at the moment. It gives me time to ponder questions like Jason always seems to have. They do call them bush fires down there by the way. However I doubt Chucks answer is 100% correct …

Do you guys know people like Chuck? People who can never admit they don’t know something but rather make something up? I have met a few in my life. Truth be told I sometimes gave off-the-wall explanations like this on purpose just to see if my students still paid attention in class, HAHA.

I like how Chuck does it with a complete straight face as if he knows what he is talking about. At this rate, Jason will never pass his checkride. I bet the examiner will also have his mind blown with all the completely absurd answers poor Jason will give during his tests if he actually paid attention to what Chuck tells him all day long.

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Have a great week everyone!

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5 comments on “Australia is different
  1. Karl Winters says:

    Applause 👏. One of your best!

  2. Dgwphotos says:

    Was Chuck Calvin’s father in a previous life? 😉

  3. Tim Hage says:

    Geeze, makes us Aussies sound……. weird. Just because we drive on the other side of the road! Anyway, Cheers for your thoughts, never seen bushfires so early in our season. Got to the point where many seat and vlat aircraft are grounded due to service hrs expired.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Harro Nehlsen says:

    Julios face in the second and third picture ist unbeatable. It’s this “I can’t believe, yout just said that!” face. Great!

  5. Balint says:

    Hilarious 😂

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