Hangar fire suppression system

This is one of my favorite strips. I like how Chuck is all excited in the first panel about the fact that his state-of-the-art fire suppression system actually worked. I think personally I would be pretty bummed that my planes are buried knee-deep in foam. Let alone the clean-up effort the event will take, I’m pretty sure this foam is probably corrosive as well. But better than your planes getting burned up, huh?!

And then I really love the last panel on here as well. For some reason it took us forever to come up with a good line and we had hundreds of different versions of what is being said when we were working on this strip. The idea initially came from yet another photo circulating around the interwebs of a hangar where the fire suppression system had gone off. We thought it would be really funny if Chuck had this in his dilapidated old hangar with a half-built rusty Corsair in it. But the final product really ties it together as a typical “Chuck-Moment” because he does always take Julio’s welder without permission and he does usually catch something on fire with it.
And with all these elements working together, this strip makes me laugh at our own joke every time I read it. 😉

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3 comments on “Hangar fire suppression system
  1. sebastian T says:

    I always wondered how the faa allows him in the air and that he is still alive or is he like the vampire hunter from block blockade battlefront who is always in the near of deadly accidents?

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    knee deep? one really needs to fill the hanger with Chuck and the systems don’t take that much time to fill the place up (btw, GET OUT breathing the foam isn’t the best thing) and with Chuck around, a few 4 inch Monitors with aviation foam would be advisable. Large tanks. you never know
    in Texas, we had the generators in sizes from 16 inches to about 48 inches, most models the foam/water mix driving the fans, a few used engines to drive the fan and pump the foam mix.

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