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Whoops, almost forgot to upload the weekly strip! But here you go. I don’t have time or ideas for a blog though… I apologize! (Life is always extra busy before Christmas.) Cheers, Stef

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When you’re young, life is full of possibilities. The possibilities are limited, of course. I would have never made a good basketball player or long distance runner, for instance. I think I would have made a good heir to a …

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Mixtures, props, throttles – full forward! Flaps up, gear up, boost pumps. Identify, verify, secure… Everybody remember their engine failure training? These engines sure like to “fail” every year during flight reviews and currency checks, don’t they?! Is it just …

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Considering that airspeed is basically the net speed at which you move through the surrounding air or vice versa, the surrounding air around you, I can safely say that I have achieved quite significant airspeeds just by standing in my …

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