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Whoops! It’s Thursday already! Sorry for totally missing to upload Tuesday’s strip! What can I say, Christmas has been a mix of holiday busyness and sickness. Half the family and half the kids have some sort of cold. Me included, …

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Behold another “Chicken Wings Classic”! This one came way from back in the day, from before the first book even, when we were very aviation specific. The joke plays on the tendency of certain pilots to “duck-under” the minimums on …

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We thought we would throw in a classic strip again for a change. This one goes back to our roots of having very aviation specific jokes. We since have found ourselves walking a fine balance between not angering the early …

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Seems like Chuck has passed! Well, obviously he can’t be that bad of a pilot after all, or the FAA would have pulled his license long ago. And thanks again Drew for the idea!

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