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Chicken Wings Classic – Breaking out of the clouds

Behold another “Chicken Wings Classic”! This one came way from back in the day, from before the first book even, when we were very aviation specific. The joke plays on the tendency of certain pilots to “duck-under” the minimums on

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Flying level

I look at today’s comic and an old musician joke comes to mind: “How do you know if the stage is level? When the drummer drools out of both sides of the mouth equally.” Well, that doesn’t work in a

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Stuff in clouds

Cloud storage is a great thing. When I think back even just 20 years, when 3.5″ floppy disks were the state of the art to save and transport data, it is amazing how far we’ve come. I wonder what progress

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What do the clouds look like?

And here he goes, once again proving that there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. I envy Chuck for the view out of his office though. When I look out of my window now, all I see is a

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