What do the clouds look like?

I guess if you’re flying in California, there’s quite a few “smokey” clouds to be seen. I only follow the situation from a far, far distance via the news. Mike, on the other hand, is right in the middle of it, which is why we haven’t had the chance to catch up recently.

By the way, we have uploaded a video to our Youtube channel a few days back! Check it out:

Helitanker - Firefighting with a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane

It’s the GoPro-helmet-perspective of a firefighting mission that Mike flew a few years back. We hope this will help tide you over to the next animation!

As usual, whenever I talk about our animation project, I would like to give a huge thanks and shoutout to our awesome Patrons who support the project via our Patreon page! If you’re not a Patron yet, our levels start at $2 a month and we offer a whole range of membership benefits, ranging from early access to our videos, over discounts, free books and custom art all the way to producer credits. Every penny helps and brings us closer to the Academy awards! Thanks!!


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One comment on “What do the clouds look like?
  1. Person says:

    Yeah, let’s just say that smokey the bear is NOT happy right now.

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