Fancy new GPS

This comic came from a discussion about what would happen if you set your phone to a language you don’t speak. Would you be able to get back to your language? What if you didn’t know the words for “settings” or “set language”? Nobody was brave enough to try it though. So, for me personally, the question remains unanswered and I stay super careful not to change anything every time my phone updates.

Of course, we can all imagine Chuck going into the GPS, pushing all kinds of buttons with confidence, yet without in-depth knowledge, and get himself in trouble. Most of the GPS’s I used are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to the basic navigation part, but you can certainly get “lost in the weeds” in some of the settings menus. At least I can. But I grew up without computers and flew with steam gages for a good part of my early aviation career. All this automation I get to enjoy nowadays still feels like a brave new world for me, lol.


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4 comments on “Fancy new GPS
  1. J Segal says:

    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. YouTube is great for that, as is this new-fangled Image Translate feature on both my whatsamawhoozit and my computer-mo-tron – provided that you can find it on a device typing in Pidgin! [Ok, not really a language in its own right, but I can’t resist a bird pun here.]

    I’d wonder where Chuck’s ever-present iPad is too, but I suppose the joke would not work otherwise.

    Speaking of Chuck, I was kind-of hoping to see what his opinion was on the end of the Reno Air Races. He’s already missed Red Bull [see #1] and has his sights on the pylon racing anyway [see #2]; what are the odds that he’d forget about both?

    #1 –
    #2 –

    P.S. The last line of your comment in the ‘#1 comic’ here seems clairvoyant. Do you happen to have next week’s lotto numbers? Asking for a friend.

  2. J Segal says:

    P.P.S. What happened to all the spacing in my previous comment, and what’s this bit about comment-moderation, which I could have sworn was never there before? Was there some sort of behind-the-scenes change the last few weeks?

  3. rwill says:

    My brother-in-law bought a used vehicle that ended up having came from Quebec. So on the touch screen, everything was in French. And it took awhile to figure out where the language selection was.

  4. HiddenWindshield says:

    If you’ve got two similar phones, you could switch one of them to another language. That way, if you got lost, you could perform the same series of steps on both phones so that the phone that’s still in English would provide a translation of what you’re seeing on the phone that’s in Esperanto.

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