Is it crash proof?

Some people have a knack for breaking things. I like to think of myself of not belonging to that group, but I assume everybody thinks that, including Chuck, haha. But even when you’re not of a destructive persuasion, there is always something in the need of fixing. I wouldn’t call it a hobby, but love fixing stuff. Dishwasher, drier, vacuum cleaner, radio … you name it and I’ll take it apart and give it a shot, before buying something new. When it comes to the car or more serious plumbing, I defer to the experts though.

Also, a lot of things have electronics or really tiny parts in them. Especially when trying to fix broken toys, that’s where I have to throw in the towel …


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2 comments on “Is it crash proof?
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    I’d expect Chuck to go buy a powerbank too big to fly legally on aircraft.

  2. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    A good point, @JPK! The more so that power banks have a bad reputation for unintended fireworks, so that only aviation certified ones might me allowed.

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