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Helpful input

The only thing more annoying than some smart-ass commenting on what you’re doing is when that smart-ass is actually right. Although, in that case, it would probably count as constructive criticism, which one is actually supposed to be thankful for.

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Digging the Piper out of the snow

I’ve got my snow shovel sharpened, oiled and ready. But temperatures here have risen to cozy 5°C, and yesterday evening we even had 10°C. Not that I miss the snow so much, as long as there is enough in the

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Selfie Stick II

So the selfie stick saga continues … and comes to an end as quickly as it started. Actually, I think it was an image of somebody shooting a selfie like this from outside his airplane that inspired the strip. I

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Yellow Piper Cub

In this strip, Chuck and Julio unknowingly stumbled into Oshkosh’s “Piper Cub – Fields of Yellow” event. (Check out the website!) What they don’t know is that Piper Cub owners have been getting organized for many months to turn the

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