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Well, of course Chuck has an SR-71 checklist! Why wouldn’t he? I actually have a checklist and a flight manual for the Saturn V rocket at home I got from eBay. (That’s right, I am officially coming out as space nerd) It’s really cool actually, because it is set up and reads just like any flight manual from that era would, except … its a freaking rocket!!

I read a really cool book about the SR-71 not too long ago and it had a few checklist items in there where the author explains briefly how the Blackbird works. But I’m suspecting those were probably heavily redacted. Nonetheless, that’s how Chuck ended up with this checklist. And it’s pretty obvious he has lost the Piper checklist a long time ago, so why not replace it with something cool, right?!


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4 comments on “Substitute checklist
  1. Quill says:

    Recite checklist for the plane you want, not the plane you have. Time to go start my car, CLEAR PROP!

  2. Harro says:

    So cool!
    I wonder what the checklist or lists for the SR-71 or the U-2 would look like. I have to check on the web, I‘m sure it is out there somewhere. I would put it on my knee board just to impress whoever is riding shotgun, 😊
    Greetings, 🛩😎

  3. Brennan Vilcheck says:

    Surprised he didn’t have a F4U corsair checklist instead given he’s trying to build one.

  4. Fbs says:

    U2 and SR71 manuals are declassified and available online. I like the drawings on the U2 manual. Looks almost like a cessna POH except some figures…

    The Corsair is a single engine, better use the sr71 check-lists for a twin 🙂

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