Going overboard with paperwork

There is a lot of information that goes on an airline dispatch release. Ours are electronically transmitted to our EFB automatically at least one hour prior to departure, but I often see the Delta guys print out their releases at the gate and they look about 20+ pages long. Of course we all fly a little longer and further than Chuck does with his Cessna 172.

I’m getting the feeling he might be exaggerating just a tiny bit. It is funny, he was all about getting a glass “mission board” to write down all his upcoming flights, yet seems very resistant to a post-it note.
He is right in one aspect though. Even though most of t is digital now, ever since I have started flying, aviation has always been heading towards ‘more’ paperwork every year, and never less….


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2 comments on “Going overboard with paperwork
  1. Wade Moeller says:

    An aircraft is not airworthy until the weight of the paperwork exceeds the weight of the aircraft.

    — The FAA (Probably)

  2. Keith says:

    If there’s no serial number I don’t have to document it right?

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