Piper Aztec

We’ve often talked about making changes to Roost Air’s fleet. Especially Mike says that fewer and fewer of the old models are out there. I have to admit, I’m reluctant, because I’d have to learn how to draw new airplanes. I have internalized the shape of the old Cessna 172 to the point that I could draw it half-asleep, if you woke me up at 3 AM. And some of the new, sleek aircraft, with their edgeless carbon fiber shapes are really daunting to draw. On the other hand, the Piper Aztec featured in this strip doesn’t appear that often anyway. Hm. So, we’ll see! I’m just thinking out loud here.

If Roost Air ever was to buy a new plane, which one do you think they should get?


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9 comments on “Piper Aztec
  1. Mats says:

    Pilatus PC-12 or advance to the PC-24

  2. Fbs says:

    A plane to buy ? A sensible option would be a ….172 !. But if you think they can be silly, maybe one of the new overexpensive pieces of non repairable Carbon fibre crap selling out there like for instance the elixir (for the less crappy sonaca, the count of fucked up pigeons is known to 56. Will the elixir manage to do more damage ?).

  3. J Segal says:

    Well, you have to have the necessary montage of planes rejected, Julio out on the road looking at obvious rustbuckets, things like that. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d like to see a Cri Cri make an appearance in there somewhere.

    Depends what you’re going for. Something old and reliable, or something new with over-the-top avionics and a glass panel?

    Personally, I’d shoot for a Diamond DA-42 Twin Star, and not just because of the lines. Diesel-powered, FADEC, carbon-fiber – even centrally-mounted control sticks instead of yokes. Lots of things you wouldn’t find in a legacy fleet, and I’m curious what kind of mileage you could get out of it. Best of all, it’s an increasingly-common multiengine trainer, so it wouldn’t be out of place.

  4. JPKalishek says:

    At least it’s a Piper and looks nice, he could be trying to sell “The tree Ugly Sticks come from” AKA Pontiac Aztec.

  5. Florian says:

    Our club just had to put down its trustworthy 150! Unfortunately, after 50 years of flight training in our club, she was euthanized due to excessive corrosion. Hans’s ad reminded me somehow…

  6. Thomas Hald says:

    maybe a float/sea-plane. hans would probably see it as diversification of income streams.

  7. Duncan says:

    Something with a Rotax or two maybe a P2006. Plenty of possible jokes about the engine, and being European built.

    • Fbs says:

      That two engine two seater makes sense for school.
      I wrote two seater because of the very limited carrying capacity (and with my 120kg inside and full fuel, it can only be a two seater…)
      I like this one. Flies surprisingly well on one engine, and feels like handling a C150 at the controls. Maybe a sensible choice but it would not be as fun as julio examining lots of cheap rustbuckets to replace the aztec…

  8. stef says:

    I love all the ideas! Especially J Segal’s idea of the montage. With all these suggestions, it’s going to be hard to decide on any one plane …

    I think we’ll probably replace the Piper and keep the 172. We’ll talk it through and see if we can come up with any jokes about the subject in the first place.

    By the time we’ve decided, I’ve drawn the strips and they hit the website, I’m sure most people will have forgotten about it, haha!

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