What’s with the costume?

This story reminds me of the time I used to do some aerial work for the TV series “The X-Files”. I was able to fly the support ship a few times but in the very last episode I made it on camera flying the helicopter that’s dropping off two FBI agents. I had to wear some sort of blue or black flight suit if I remember right (it’s been over 15 years). And everybody I ran into at chow or behind the cameras kept asking me “Are you a ‘real’ pilot?”. My response was “of course, I’m a real pilot!” wondering the whole time why people were asking me this and pondering what kind of other pilots there were other than real pilots. It made no sense to me at first. What a weird question!

Then it hit me … I was working on a movie set! Duh! That’s what happens when you don’t grow up in the movie business like most people in LA and rather stumble into it later in your career, HAHA!

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6 comments on “What’s with the costume?
  1. oddball says:

    There’s also us “wannabe” pilots who fly R/C models 😉

  2. Fbs says:

    L’habit fait le moine donc….(the dress does the monk, then), reverse of à old french saying that says it doesn’t

  3. Bruce Bergman says:

    Mike: You’ll learn it when you have to teach the Hollywood Star how to fake flying the bird for the cameras (without actually fighting you and crashing) and put him in the left seat, then you get to do it for real from the right seat…

    Well, Harrison Ford you might actually end up handing it over. He has some time in a Bell 407…

    Says the guy that’s mad the guys at Summit painted ‘Screaming Mimi’ red.

  4. M. Mitchell Marmel says:

    The best part is that you could say with a straight face, “No, but I play one on TV!” ;D

  5. Johsua says:

    Well, she hasn’t run away or tried to sell him anything. For Chuck this is progress!

  6. L says:

    Joshua, you are sadly right, that is progress. Glacially slow but still progress. I wonder how Chuck feels about it.

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