Chicken Wings Classic – Loud outer marker

Here’s another dusty old comic strip for you! I guess it explains the reason why everything has to be written down and documented in triplicate when it comes to aircraft maintenance. It also reminds me of elementary school, when we were playing “telephone”. Who says you don’t learn stuff that is useful for real life in school? I see that technique used in practice very often!

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6 comments on “Chicken Wings Classic – Loud outer marker
  1. Bruce B says:

    What the who there? Gee, I didn’t think Chuck had his Instrument rating. Unless Julio has it up loud on purpose as a “Is the Gear Down Yet, Chuck?” reminder…

  2. JP says:

    Do anyone have those markers at use anymore? Here in Finland they removed those from Helsinki airport (EFHK) over ten years ago.

  3. mike says:

    The term “Chicken Wings Classic” for us means that the comic is at least 10 years old, if not older. We don’t want them to be completely forgotten (I for one especially enjoy watching the progression in my brothers drawing of Chuck) but there “might” be a few floating around that “could” be “slightly” out of date ….
    Imagine! This comic was drawn before smartphones, twitter, facebook, handheld GPS’s still weighed a ton and cost thousands of dollars…..
    Only 11 years ago!

  4. Johsua says:

    JP, of course they are still in use. They haven’t even managed to get rid of the NDBs yet. KONT, Ontario International Airport, still has theirs for example. They are low maintenance and satisfy the requirement of having 2 ways to identify the final approach fix for a precision approach.

  5. JP says:

    Hi Mike, no offense, I wast just asking, your comics are hilarious.

    PS my native language is not english, so my spelling and understanding may be somewhat limited.


  6. mike says:

    No offense taken at all, JP!
    I have to admit, even though I used to be an Instrument Instructor for helicopters, I have not flown an instrument approach since I got into fire and utility flying. So that has to be more than 15 years now. GPS approaches were just starting to get established back then and I remember them being “for reference only” at the time.
    I truly have no idea what’s out there anymore IFR wise and I haven’t heard an outer marker tone in 15 years either, HAHA!

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