Time to go to bed

Well, I’ll be darned! Just a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to post a strip on Tuesday and apologized for it on Wednesday. Now it’s Tuesday again, and I just noticed that I totally spaced out, didn’t post a strip last Friday, and noticed only just now!

It really must have something to do with age. After all, my brother is even older than me, and he didn’t notice either. I apologize and promise to do better from now on!

At least I know it’s not from the same cause as Chuck’s “pilot fatigue” (look it up, it’s a thing!) in this comic strip. Because ever since the arrival of kid no. 2, the days of reading something when going to bed are over. I usually manage to read some online newspaper for 5 minutes on my phone and then fall asleep. In the old days, I always read a book, sometimes for up to an hour. Well, I’m sure things will get progressively better from now on. I’m looking forward to senile insomnia! Oh the amount of reading I’ll be able to do then …

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5 comments on “Time to go to bed
  1. mike says:

    Woah! I totally spaced Friday!
    There is something about being strapped into a Helo Dunker, getting tumbled around and turned upside down in the deep end of the pool with water shooting up your nose, seatbelts getting hung up, and a door jamming on the exit that makes you forget the majority of the simple tasks you had planned to do for the day ….

  2. Daniele says:

    Hahaha! Chuck is always with his sunglasses, even if he is in bed! 😀

  3. jan olieslagers says:

    Well, that WAS a painful wait! If it occurs again, I’ll really have to go and talk to upper management.

  4. stef says:

    Jan, with upper management, do you mean Hans?

    Or one of the wives? 🙂

  5. jan olieslagers says:

    Hans is not “upper”, well, not usually, at least… He looks too much like his cat, anyway.

    About them womanfolk, ah, yes, err, well, now we might talk, perhaps 🙂

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