I don’t know about you guys but for us the Top Gun references never get old. That was such a classic movie we grew up with and still love to see every time it’s on TV. You can tell by looking at this week’s feature that we tried for a new record on how many Top Gun lines and references we can actually fit in a single comic strip. And since Chuck is a huge fan as well (even though his career ended up looking a little different than he envisioned when he first saw the movie – so did mine, btw) there might be more in the near future unless we start hearing complaints.

Any news on the sequel that was supposed to be coming out btw? Personally I’m a little nervous about it …

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12 comments on “Dogfighting
  1. stef says:

    A little addendum from me: Yes, we know that “bogey at three o’clock” isn’t a real Top Gun quote. I could have sworn it was from a Saturday Night Live Skit called “Iceman the Later Years“, but I just re-watched that and the quote is slightly similar there too. Does anyone know if that’s a real quote from somewhere, or have we made that one up in our mind?

    Also, we are aware that Hans isn’t approaching from “three o’clock”. But a) Chuck is just waking up, and thus probably confused, and b) the line with “afternoon weather check” wouldn’t have worked otherwise.

  2. Yawnitz says:

    I was sooo close. I almost got a job working on the “bogeys” they used in Top Gun. Well, the trainer variant, anyway. I’m still in A&P school. I’m studying hard to get the A portion by Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can get the P before the new year.

  3. Matt says:

    So… why not just reverse those panels?

  4. velojym says:

    Well, it’s 3 o’clock somewhere…

  5. Merijn @ home says:

    A dog fight
    Wouldn’t that kill both the rat and the cat?

  6. Fabo says:

    I’m wondering Mike – what’d you end up with if you went that way at an appropriate age?
    I recall the Austrians had some interesting jets over the years.

  7. Johsua says:

    I don’t think you can make a sequel to Top Gun. My prediction is that Top Gun 2 is a flameout before the cameras roll.

  8. TowpilotKen says:

    The TOP GUN 2 project slowed up a bunch after Tony Scott jumped off a bridge in Long Beach harbor, just as the rumors were going around that production was about to start. As far as I’ve heard, the project is still alive but there’s still no director assigned to the film. This film pretty much defined my college years at San Jose State, everyone in the Aeronautics Dept looked like extras from the film.

  9. Manuel says:

    The Austrian Airforce uses the Eurofighter Typhoon as jetfighter now, before that, the Swedish Saab J35 OE (OE for Austria) “Draken”. And they have some “Hercules” transporters.

  10. Manuel says:

    Oops, sorry, my comment was meant as an answer to Fabo not Joshua, sloppy me.

  11. jan olieslagers says:

    I never go to cinema and do not have television at home. I have heard of Top Gun and of Star Wars and such but have no real idea what all that is about. And, guess what, I really don’t feel I am missing anything significant. Am I the only one?

    NB about the Austrian Air Force: being so close to the Iron curtain, and not belonging to NATO (I think) they felt a need to display as much neutrality as they could gather. Sweden was in a similar situation, which made Swedish designs attractive to Austria, too. Austria operated the Saab S29 as well as the J35.

  12. L says:

    Is it sad that I know Chuck’s every single line? 🙂
    “No, no, Mav, I this is not a good idea”.
    “Sorry, Goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower”.

    This strip has made my day. Keep ’em coming, guys! 🙂

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