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Scary tales

I just spent about ten minutes racking my brain about what title to use for today’s comic strip. It’s always a trade-off between being funny, so as to entice the reader and maybe add an extra level of humor, or

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Getting woken up

Ah, the joys of uninterrupted sleep. I remember them fondly! And the idea of a nap also doesn’t sound too bad. I’ve just tried a couple of minutes to remember when the last time was that I actually had a

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Time to go to bed

Well, I’ll be darned! Just a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to post a strip on Tuesday and apologized for it on Wednesday. Now it’s Tuesday again, and I just noticed that I totally spaced out, didn’t post a

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Pilot fatigue

Look it up! It’s a thing! It’s actually a big thing we are facing all the time in the industry. Time zone changes, red-eye flights, maintenance delays, the list is long. Even with many breaks in place it is almost

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