The FAR/AIM audio book

We were actually just joking around about having the FAR’s as an audio book as well and how sleepy you’d get listening to it. But if you google it, I think it actually does exist. I even found a thread on Reddit and a few download sites. But since there is no way I’d pay for an FAA audio book; I have no idea if they are legit or just a joke as well. Either way, I think there should be a disclaimer to NOT listen to it while driving since I think that would be quite dangerous.

This comic is the result of what is an all too familiar process for us. Initially we just have the idea to “do something with a FAR/AIM Audio Book”. It keeps coming up every now and then, we ponder, we give up, we put it back in the pile because we have no setup and no punchline for the idea. Then, one day, we thought of having Chuck finish a strip with “I have a checkride tomorrow?” which I really love. The last panel makes me laugh every time I look at it. There is just something about Chuck forgetting one of the more important dates in one’s pilot career pretty much as often as he forgets to pull the chocks. I find it hilarious. Most pilots I know dread their checkrides a week out if not longer, but Chuck’s head is filled with so much other “stuff” he has no time to think about things like that. HAHA.

Anyways, having a great punchline and a basic idea of what the strip is all about, makes the rest of the comic, the set-up, fairly easy, and boom, here we are …


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