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With the economic doldrums and high gas prices, I’m sure it’s not the greatest time to run an airline right now. And by extensions, probably also not the greatest time to work for an airline. Through Chicken Wings I have got to know quite a few professional pilots during the years and although they all love their job, it seems that there is a reason why everybody says you really need to love aviation if you want to take up flying as a carreer.

If you’re interested in a non-sugarcoated insight into the aviation industry, you might want to check out “Squawk 7700“, a great book by our good friend Pete Buffington. You can also find it on Amazon, where it frequently rises to the top of the bestseller list of aviation books, but you can also get it from us!

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4 comments on “Non-profit organization
  1. Yves Hymoff says:

    The gross truth of the airline industry is that it is all about CEO and stockholder benefits.
    FACT: the expected top salary for an airline pilot in the US is about $150K/yr. A pilot
    with FEDEX or UPS, same age,experience and qualifications gets about $250K/yr.
    $100K more per year to transport brown boxes than human lives.
    Fly with clear skies and tailwinds!

  2. Thorsten says:

    Nice, another book to get. But wasn’t the flight that ended in the Hudson River Flight Cacktus 1_5_49?

  3. Meganite says:

    A friend of mine who is a retired airline pilot told me that if you want to make money, don’t start an airline. I believe it!

  4. JKelley says:

    Q – How do you make a small fortune in the restaurant business?
    A – Start with a large one.

    Seriously – how can airlines be going broke when they’re shifting plenty of “trades” operations overseas (as much as they can – lower labour rates) and they’re soaking us with fuel surcharges and baggage fees?

    I can’t bring myself to trust a Third World A&P – and, if a 747 can carry the Space Shuttle piggyback, I’m calling shenanigans on baggage fees.

    If they ever get their “fat bastard” tax started, you won’t get me back on a commercial airplane. Why? At 6’3″ 280#, I’ll get hit with the FB tax – even though I’m not fat, I’m just big. I’m Scottish, I can’t help it…

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