What to buy?

Everybody who’s on a limited budget knows this feeling. And I think it is safe to assume that there are very very few people in this world whose budget is not limited in some way. After all, not everyone is meant to become a comic artist!

And we’d like to take this opportunity of Chuck and Julio flipping through the well known yellow papered magazine to give a shoutout to the friendly folks at Trade-A-Plane! They were the first to publish our strips in the United States and are our longest continuing accomplices in bringing Chuck’s adventures to your attention! So we’d just like to say thank you and here’s to many years more of Chuck and his gang being printed with a slightly yellow hue!

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6 comments on “What to buy?
  1. Warbirdali says:

    At least chuck’s hair will always be yellow. TAP is a dreamy publication for sure, many are the drool stains, and I have bought everything from spits to chipmunks to rotorways..in my imagination!

  2. RG2Cents says:

    ‘sigh’ my style of reading catalogs for sure…

  3. fyrflier says:

    must fall under the “not invented” category, eh?

  4. Meganite says:

    What kind of Cessna needs a 160 hp conversion!? Underpowered, that’s what… but really, shouldn’t it be the 180hp conversion or have I just never heard of the first kind? (it’s quite likely)

  5. Spacer says:

    Ah, airplane porn.

  6. SRPspotting says:

    (Just answering Meganite) The first 172 models had 145 horsepower Continental O-300 engines. Also i think the Cessna in this comic is a 172D, as it was the only 172 model to feature both fuses and the omni-vision aft window.

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