Expedite your approach

This one came from a cockpit conversation with one my guys during our annual training at BUR airport. Nobody called themselves an expert but there was a discussion about how much of a mess this would be if we made the SWA flight on final go around plus the guy behind him. Somehow within this barely related discussion I suddenly thought of this strip. It’s weird how and when creativity suddenly hits you. I wrote it on my kneepad while the other guy was flying and here is the result.

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3 comments on “Expedite your approach
  1. JP says:

    when I worked in N.O. at MSY, we had a customer who was asked to expedite takeoff during roll out. The pilot replied “Were 10 pounds under max in a Cessna 152 and pedaling as fast as we can.” The plane approaching behind them faster than tower expected got sent around. The pilot sounded like another of our customers who also had a 152 with a similar tail number, but his was an aerobat, and he 90% of the time was alone and would take off nearly instantly then spear off at an angle allowing the runway to be clear. A controller also once “upgraded” a customer from his old Grumman Tiger to a King Air…he thanked them for the compliment but pointed out his plane was a bit dingier and dinkier than that.

  2. warbirdali says:

    Ha! Is that piper a cub that is trying to get away too? now THAT would be shameful! I almost feel sorry for Chuck! (almost). And JP I will have to remember “….pedaling as fast as we can.” he he

  3. warbirdali says:

    what’s even better is the nugget buried in there that the GS would rather suffer the slings and arrows of LAX than be in the same pattern as Chuck, now THAT is bad…..

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