Secret of success

Way to go, Hans! A fish rots from the head down, as we know. Or do we? I for one never watched a fish rot. Any fishermen or cooks among our readers who could share some insight knowledge here?

But who cares if a proverb is right, as long as it fits. Like “birds of a feather flock together” or “opposites attract” … can they *both* be right?

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5 comments on “Secret of success
  1. warbirdali says:

    Hans’ Revenge! Can’t get the staff these days….

  2. JP says:

    the first FBO I worked for made money despite the owners poor management. They’d hire people at lowest possible wages, pick what seemed the poorest of the batch and then if any competence slipped through they treated those poorly enough most tended to quit.
    I had been made a supervisor and although I had no personal delays, and under me the fewest delays (5, three caused by poor equipment … a whole ‘nother rant there … 2 while I was not able to actually supervise because they pulled me to do the job someone else was supposed to be doing) the owner lied to me while demoting me and cutting my pay. What he did not know was I knew that he was not fighting to keep his airline contract, but had lost it and I applied at the company who got it within a minute of him lying to me. They treated me well until they got bought out and the new owning corp took the top fueling operation and within 6 months (I quit within 2) was back at the level the first company was at. Not long after that second company was bought out, a competitor bought that first company, who had managed to hang on. I was told that things there got better, but that just made the two places about even.

  3. warbirdali says:

    Our motto: “We put the “Sucks” in “Success”

  4. Catapult says:

    Also conflicting are the old sayings “Too many cooks spoil the soup” and “many hands make light work,” though it is pretty clear which of those prevails in this instance.

  5. Matte says:

    A “good” manager always knows when the staff is eaves dropping…

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