The FAR/AIM audio book II

We don’t really know yet if there actually is an Audio Book for the FAR/AIM. Maybe some of you might know. But if there was, this is how we envisioned it to be. Of course, if we had to make one here at Chicken Wings Comics, we’d probably get Harrison Ford or Mike Rowe to narrate the thing. Then we’d maybe try to throw in a few jokes to keep people interested and awake.

Or maybe have it told “as a story”, a riveting story, with many interesting tales and then add the regulations pertinent to the story after the fact before moving on to the next. What do you guys think?


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3 comments on “The FAR/AIM audio book II
  1. Keith says:

    But is it really a hand book if it comes on a pallet with an instruction to not lift manually and to only use a forklift for anything but turning pages? Asking for a friend.

  2. Boyd Merriman says:

    Yup, thats about right. That is why I like to look at cartoons, far more interesting.

  3. JP Kalishek says:

    I get to play in the Part 49 DOT Ground Transportation world of handbooks.
    I’v been lucky in that I only take the 3 day ground, and don’t mess with the IATA and Sea transport classes.

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