Carbon monoxide detector

How kind of Julio to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for Chuck! Carbon monoxide is no joke. I don’t know how often it becomes an issue in airplanes, but every year you hear about people dying of CO poisoning around here. Mostly it’s due to backed up exhaust fumes from gas furnaces (water boilers) in hot weather. Those kind of dangers, that you can’t perceive with your senses, are somehow the most scary ones. Like radiation, for example. I was surprised to learn about Radon leaking out of the ground, basically almost everywhere. It’s just that it’s relatively safe in most areas, but actually bad in some others. I got myself a radon detector and did a survey of my house for a few weeks. Luckily, we’re within safe levels. I just found it really weird that theres such a widely prevalent health risk that basically nobody even knows about.

Anyway, kinda went off on a tangent again here. I guess I can sum it up with: Don’t breathe poisonous fumes, boys and girls!


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