Helicopter mom

Helicopter mom

Fortunately, our mom was not a helicopter mom. My brother became a helicopter pilot anyway, so I’m not sure if the correlation hinted at by Jason is actually works that way.

I’m very much a fan of letting my kids make their own negative experiences in the world, but being a good parent is a constant balancing act. Just when you thought you’ve figured something out or found some new equilibrium, things change. I wonder when the feeling subsides that kids are just walking accidents waiting to happen. When they were smaller, it was as simple as having to prevent them from falling down stairs. Nowadays it’s not paying attention for a while and suddenly noticing that they have found creative ways to use kitchen utensils or gardening tools in life-threatening ways. And I’m sure new challenges will lay ahead as they grow. You always have to be watching to some extent, and you’re always responsible.

Anyway, I’m sure I won’t be calling my son’s examiner if he ever decides to become a pilot!


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One comment on “Helicopter mom
  1. J Z says:

    It’s interesting that you mention the difficulties of parenting in a comic with Chuck and Jason – because I think you just described flight instruction too!

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