Another simple rule

Holy moly, does Chuck’s behavior in today’s strip remind me of my seven year old son! I don’t know what career he will choose when he’s grown up, but if it’s lawyer, it would not come as a surprise. In a sense he is much more compliant than his little brother, who’s just a plain rebel these days. When we ask him to do something and he happens to listen, he will actually do it. But he will go out of his way to find loopholes to thwart the actual objective and when confronted, throw back literal interpretations of what we said to justify his actions or lack thereof.

“When you’re done eating, go wash your hands.”
“Why didn’t you wash your hands yet?”
“There’s still a crumb on my plate that I plan on eating.”

I guess I should be proud! At least I choose to interpret it as a sign of intelligence, haha. And I vaguely remember doing the same thing as a kid. But anyway, I do sympathize with Julio …


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