Moments in Aviation History: Zeppelin Warfare

When we first read about zeppelins being used for warfare, our initial thought was “wouldn’t they be relatively easy to shoot down?”. Then we came up with this silly joke. Yet, it appeared that was actually not the case. Zeppelins happened to drop bombs in the early days, and they were not as easily defeated initially as one might think.

Why? … you might ask.

Find out by reading our new book!

Our friend and co-author of our new book “Moments in Aviation History”, Jim Cunningham, wrote a short and interesting explanation about what really happened. As he did for most of our cartoons in the book.

Also, you know what would make a great Christmas gift for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike?

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Moments in Aviation History Cover

Okay, I’ll stop with the book.

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One comment on “Moments in Aviation History: Zeppelin Warfare
  1. Excellent, the 15% helps offset the shipping to Oz! I’ve been meaning to get books 5 & 6 and Moments in History so this is great timing 🙂

    PS: Oh look, shirts, and stickers, and a cool patch… *sigh* 🙂

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