Are you my savings account

I am starting to see an increase of instances where I’m “dating myself” recently. The reason for that could quite possibly be that this is the oldest I have ever been. I really don’t mind it because in my business, getting old is a privilege not afforded to everyone.

It’s quite funny actually, but it does stop me in my tracks at times. One time I was asked “What’s a record?” after telling a youngster he sounds like “a broken record”. Not too long ago, my helicopter firefighter crew kept playing “Knocking’ on Heaven’s Door” by Avril Lavigne over and over. Well aware that the young ones probably wouldn’t know who Bob Dylan was, I said that I liked the Guns N’ Roses version better. The response was “Guns and Who?”

Admittedly, that did make me feel a little old.

And remember getting interest in your savings account? I think at one point I was up to 2%. Now it’s more like 0.02%. How things have changed …


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8 comments on “Are you my savings account
  1. Karl Winters says:

    Avril who? 🤣

  2. J Z says:

    How old is Chuck, anyway?

    Also, to all of our resident chickens and associated birdmen, including the Roost Air crew, Happy Turkey Day.

  3. mike says:

    @Karl Winters: HAHA! Right?!

  4. Steve says:

    I got 5.5% about 35 years ago.

  5. Bruce says:

    She looks interested in the last frame. Go for it, Chuck!

  6. mike says:

    @Steve: 5.5% ?!? Wouldn’t that be awesome to have again?! WOW!

  7. JP Kalishek says:

    I was going to make some joke about this then did the math.
    Hey, my last interest payment was 30 something percent higher than the previous one!
    .0009753% v .00063%
    to quote Bad Obsession Motor Sport: “woo, and hoo”

  8. Bernd says:

    At university we had a benchmark for age based on which popular figure (musicians mostly) people remembered alive. For me the line was between Elvis Presley (always dead) and John Lennon (I remember reading about his assassination). My wife is a few years older, and she remembers Elvis.

    A colleague and I were quite shaken when we found that to some of our students Kurt Cobain had always been dead, but at least they knew who he was.

    @JP Kalishek: BOM is just great. I just ordered two of their branded face masks 🙂 Can’t wait for Binky to be finished, but “Bargain Racement” was also nice.

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