ELT batteries

For the non-specialists out there: ELT stands for “emergency locator transmitter“, which is a device that is found in many aircraft. It is activated by sudden motion, like in the event of a crash and sends off an emergency radio signal on a specific frequency. Since it’s triggered by jolts and shocks, it sometimes activates on particularly brutal landings, which, in Chuck’s case, maybe happen more frequently than average.

I guess it’s like with smoke alarms. The benefit of safety outweighs having to deal with a certain number of false alarms. Although the truth of that statement also depends on the actual number of false alarms, as anyone who had to replace a smoke detector battery at 3 A.M. will be willing to testify!


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One comment on “ELT batteries
  1. OC says:

    I’ve had a few landings where I felt the need to check the ELT (by tuning the radio to the emergency frequency) to make sure it was still quiet. Easier now that I do have a switch and indicator in the cockpit.
    Also, in the fourth panel (top right) you spelled BATTERIES wrong.

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