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Roost Air Customer Lounge

Whoever runs their own business or works in the service industry knows that there is nothing more annoying than customers. I kid, of course! Most of them are nice, actually. But even the nice ones have a habit of calling

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A little nervous

The Roost Air crew sure knows how to deal with customers. I actually prefer seeing employees having fun at their job, or not being 100% serious all the time to dealing soulless zombies, who had the love for life sucked

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Don’t push that!

I’m sure it’d be uneconomical and unethical in 99.99% of all cases, but boy, can I think of many applications for ejection seats! I’m sure most of you are with me on that one. How about a quick brainstorming?

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A day in the life…

Well, as I’ve witnessed when watchin Mike in his job, it takes a lot of putting up with rules and regulations to experience that freedom up there! Of course, in an increasingly complex world, rules, laws and regulations are inevitable.

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