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Glider time

Mike has even more glider time logged than Chuck, but not because of the same reason, but because he started out with motor gliders. I think I have about an accumulated hour of glider time as a passenger, and a

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Special glider gear

I have had more people puke in the glider back in the first two years of my aviation career than all of my 18 years of flying helicopters. Maybe it was because I was new and my skills have since

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Chuck loves gliders

Well, some people start to learn how to play the guitar just to impress girls. Maybe Chuck will start to fly gliders? Time will tell! And a quick reminder that we still have 15% discount in our online shops! The

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Engine and glider

This is another one of my personal favorites. The artwork is great and the glider looks like you can step in and fly away. But the ending in this one is something we haven’t done before. We wanted to lead

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