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Don’t try this at home, kids! Or maybe, better do try it at home and not in public. Or even better yet, don’t take dating advice from someone like me, who was bungling and awkward at the best of times, and now has no “game” left at all, after being fortunate enough to have met the right woman many years ago.

Anyway, I don’t want to insult our readership by insinuating that anybody here would model their dating strategies after a clumsy chicken in a comic strip. Although I’m sure statistically there must be at least *one* guy who read this and thought that’s a great pickup line, haha!


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One comment on “Uniform, Romeo, Alpha, Quebec, Tango
  1. Bernd says:


    I’m sort of in the same boat as Stef here. I was never part of the “dating game”, and always thought pickup lines were embarrassing at best. And I still don’t really know how I ended up happily married to a wonderful woman for almost 20 years now.

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