The four C’s

Sometimes Chuck surprises me when he actually gets something right. However, the missed approach is probably a maneuver he is more familiar with than most pilots because he likely does more of these than the average flyer. It is a good, or better said “vital” maneuver to practice and be proficient on. It is great that Chuck seems to want to practice it. Or could it be that he simply prefers anything flying related over helping Julio in the hangar?

During my airline training in the simulator it sure felt like we did way more missed approaches (minus the cowl flap part) than actual landings. But I found out in my first week on the line on only day 3 why we did so many of these when we had to go around in real life for windshear. Ever since then you will probably never hear me complain about doing too many of these in the sim ever again, LOL.


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One comment on “The four C’s
  1. Franck Mée says:

    A few years ago, when I was still a student pilot, I heard a seasoned pilot saying “well, go-arounds are normal when you’re beginning, but with experience you know how to land and you don’t do those anymore”. I swore I’d never fly with him.

    Now that I have a little more experience, well… I see pilots trying to salvage landings after a bad final on a regular basis, and more than a few times I watched a plane touch the ground and thought “Thanks lord Cessna for those amazing landing gears!”, and I’m more convinced than ever that missed approaches are a understated but vital ability for any pilot.
    So let’s sing it again: you can always go around if it don’t look good goin’ down. 😉

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